St Stephen with St Paul's Church
St Stephen with St Paul's Church


St Stephen with St Paul's Church

"Sharing Food, Developing Friendship, Deepening Faith"



God of bodies,

if it is true  that the earth is yours

and all within it,

then yours are the rocks and grasses

on every side

of every border.

And - more -

yours are the faces

of every person;

border dwellers, border crossers,

border guards, border deniers,

border defenders, borderless,

borderful, border endangered

and border dreamers.

What we ask is simple,

but it will take many lifetimes:

let us make borders serve us,

not us them.

And - again - let us

be people who make justice

stretch across borders.

Because the earth is yours

and everything in it.

It is round

and turns everything on itself.

May we turn to each other

as we turn to you.


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St. Stephen with St Paul's Church serves the communities of Hyson Green and Forest Fields in Nottingham. We welcome people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe.

We are a church where people of different cultures, backgrounds, ages and abilities grow together in faith and community knowing Jesus Christ as Lord. We hold  services in Urdu twice a year and our music group plays a variety of hymns and worship songs from a variety of traditions and in various languages.


The Church is open everyday  for prayer and quiet refection (enter through the Vine Community Centre)

We work closely with The Vine Community Centre to create a place of welcome and to offer a sense of hope in our diverse community.

We are also home to Refugee Roots, a small charity which works to help those seeking sanctuary, offering support, guidance and befriending..

Our activities include work with parents/carers and children, fortnightly small groups for bible study and prayer, and a weekly prayer morning. 

We welcome to you our church and community centre, The Vine, and hope you will feel at home with us. - Reverend Clive Burrows

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                  Brief History of                        St Stephen with St Paul's

St Stephen’s, on Bobbers Mill Road in Hyson Green, Nottingham, was the successor church to St Stephen’s, Bunkers Hill. It was consecrated by the Bishop of Southwell on Ascension Day 1898. The church was built to serve a working class community which grew up in northern Hyson Green during the 1880s and 1890s, while St Paul’s, Hyson Green served the southern part of the area. Hyson Green was extensively redeveloped in the 1970s and 1980s. and with the development of low density housing, the two parishes declined in numbers. In 1987 they were amalgamated as the joint parish of Hyson Green St Paul’s and St Stephen’s, Nottingham. St Paul’s closed in 1994, when the two congregations joined forces. St Stephen’s has not been greatly altered either inside or out since it was built to designs by WD Caröe. However, the surrounding site has been altered out of all recognition. The parish room, which stood for nearly one hundred years, the vicarage (more than sixty years), and garden allotments, were replaced in the 1980s and 1990s by a community building, The Vine, and a housing scheme.


Taken from Southwell and Nottingham Church History page.



Parish Safeguarding Policy


Ensuring that children and young people as well as adults are kept safe whilst in our care is an integral part of our church life. If you have any concerns about safeguarding please contact:

In the Parish:  

Parish Safeguarding Co-ordinator: Nick Silcock Tel contact – 0115 9701855

In the Diocese: Julian Hodgson., Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, 01636 817200


Out of Hours for Children & Adults:
Nottinghamshire: 0300 456 4546
Nottingham City Council: 0115 876 1000
Bawtry: 01302 796 000


We are located at:


Bobbers Mill Road

Hyson Green




Tel:07368 867070




Office Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday 10am - 1pm

Get social with us.